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What a Blog you say? Really you shouldn't have, no I am serious, you shouldn't.


I love that I have a place for a blog description.  I am not creative enough to blog, hence never blogging before.  I absolutely stink at well thought out reviews, but I read. I read A LOT.  It used to be more, I could average 800+ books a year.  But then the EDJ started asking me to put forth more effort for pay.  Bastards.  


Written in the Stars


Most important here though is my rating scale.  I put forth a lot of 3 stars.  I would prefer a scale of 7 points measurement, hence my 3s are more like 3, 4, and 5 respectively.  In fact, most books that fall within the 3, I would like to take out to the 3rd, if not 4th decimal.  With that said, here is the basic summary of scale. 


5- Beyond brilliant, would read again without question

4- Better than your average bear.  Would not hesitate to recommend

3- Do not be fooled.  These are books I liked but the fall into the category of:

     Cotton Candy for the brain

     Great story, needs editing 

     Great characters, needs editing

     Hit the right spot, needs editing

     Could not quite get me there.  The story was just short of a home run.

     Short stories.  While I do love a good Novella/short story, etc, it has to be AMAZING          

     to the Nth degree to knock it up to a 4.

2- Story, characters, and/or editing were not enough to pull it out.  My head popped up              

    and out of the story too often

1- Are you kidding me with this shit?  


What I read

As the title professes, just about anything.  I prefer stories that take me out of real life.  I get enough of that at home. Thus, I tend to stay away from self help or theory based books.  I am a very character driven reader.  I like a good plot just like any reader, but for me, a story really wins if I can fall into the stories and feel the characters.  


Enough out of me for now!  



Conviction (Dominion, #3) - Lissa Kasey Before we get to far into this, I love this series with a hot passion. I love Sei, love Gabe, love the world inside and also have a soft spot for our darlings Kelly and Jamie.

With that said, I feel like Kelly and Jamie and by default me as a reader were someone cheated by this story. It start with the feeling that I was dropped like a stone into the story - wait where are they? what is going on? So I settle in and think okay alright I get it cannot wait. Kelly and Jamie were a hot mess in this story. How they love each other I have no idea. I have rarely seen a couple work so hard against each other for no real purpose. The excuses were weak and how their story progressed was wobbly. I do not feel like I know any more about Kelly and Jamie after this story and that is sad to me.

On top of the relationship foibles, the four of them are embroiled in a mystery, yet no one but Kelly believed it and well it did not work for me. Nikyta said to me 'it feels like a horror flick' and she is right. You stand there and SCREAM 'DO NOT GO INTO THE DARK ROOM' and yet they would. There were even axes!!! hee It just felt very keystone cop. Everyone bumping into each other not working together.

The story just did not seem cohesive or complete. I just did not feel the same level of passion for the characters and story line that I did the other 2 (even the short point releases).

There are good things in the story - more Sei and Gabe although not enough (after all it is not their story! The two if them just cannot catch a break). We get to see Kelly grow into new and really powerful skills (kind of scary when you think about it) and there is some extra good news at the end. I look forward to seeing whats next - babies, ceremonies, who the next bad guy/girl is...etc.

Bring on the next one - I look forward to getting back to business. I am not sure I want them to go on anymore vacations.

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