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What a Blog you say? Really you shouldn't have, no I am serious, you shouldn't.


I love that I have a place for a blog description.  I am not creative enough to blog, hence never blogging before.  I absolutely stink at well thought out reviews, but I read. I read A LOT.  It used to be more, I could average 800+ books a year.  But then the EDJ started asking me to put forth more effort for pay.  Bastards.  


Written in the Stars


Most important here though is my rating scale.  I put forth a lot of 3 stars.  I would prefer a scale of 7 points measurement, hence my 3s are more like 3, 4, and 5 respectively.  In fact, most books that fall within the 3, I would like to take out to the 3rd, if not 4th decimal.  With that said, here is the basic summary of scale. 


5- Beyond brilliant, would read again without question

4- Better than your average bear.  Would not hesitate to recommend

3- Do not be fooled.  These are books I liked but the fall into the category of:

     Cotton Candy for the brain

     Great story, needs editing 

     Great characters, needs editing

     Hit the right spot, needs editing

     Could not quite get me there.  The story was just short of a home run.

     Short stories.  While I do love a good Novella/short story, etc, it has to be AMAZING          

     to the Nth degree to knock it up to a 4.

2- Story, characters, and/or editing were not enough to pull it out.  My head popped up              

    and out of the story too often

1- Are you kidding me with this shit?  


What I read

As the title professes, just about anything.  I prefer stories that take me out of real life.  I get enough of that at home. Thus, I tend to stay away from self help or theory based books.  I am a very character driven reader.  I like a good plot just like any reader, but for me, a story really wins if I can fall into the stories and feel the characters.  


Enough out of me for now!  



Happy New Year!

New favorite for 2013

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Good goddamn this book.  I have not had my Kindle highlighter out this much in a long time.  So beautiful, loving, tragic, and sure makes me want to be a better parent.  

Special Needs - K.A. Merikan

Made it to 76%, then I couldn't read it any more.

I am in a mood…therefore have no ability to pick out my own books...

Who has some recommendations for me?

Let Their Voices Be Heard

Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not for Sale, an Activist Finds Her Calling and Heals Herself - Rachel Lloyd

Bullet Review:

Do not read this book if you are faint of heart. This book will make you want to cry, to tear your hair out in rage, to raise a fist to the hundreds of politicians sitting in cozy offices, ignoring the plea of these commercially sexually exploited girls. Because when you are a 15 year-old African-American runaway from the bad end of town, you aren't a "prostitute". If that girl were a pretty white girl in a middle- or upper-class home in a white neighborhood, you can sure as bet your boots that it would be called statutory rape. But that same girl who can't legally drive, drink or vote can still get charged as an adult for being forced into prostitution? Does no one see the discrepancy here??

At first, I wasn't sure about the style, as Lloyd switches back and forth from her personal story to a non-fiction narrative filled with statistics and details to the stories of girls she's met. But after a bit, I felt the flow. And it was good. Lloyd is a great writer, and her story (and the stories of the girls who have come into her care through GEMS) is a stirring one, one telling those of us in positions of privilege and power to wake up, get off our @$$es and DO something. Again, this is not an easy book to read, but the message is an important one. These girls' voices need to be heard, and we need to work together to do something for them.


P.S. I'm going to be checking out the website, and I suggest you do the same!

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Help me understand why you would review a book that you have not read?!?!

I was just over at GR and up on my home page was a very long review for a book that the reviewer shelved as will-never-read and gave the book one star.  Who takes the time to review books they have not read?  I cannot even find time to review books I have read. 


Can someone help me understand this phenomenon? 

So happy-love this series!

Archangel's Legion  - Nalini Singh

This book has started BIG!  Nalini delivers again.

Yeah I read it, what are you gonna do about it?

Beauty and the Billionaire  - Jessica Clare

As a buddy read over at Twitter, we all decided to embark on this journey as Mandy at Smexibooks was having one hell of a time reading this gem.  


Honestly it was the perfect whatfuckery.  Honestly.  If you are in the mood for a wet dripping panty read (MC not me), then this is the book for you.  You have a bold outspoken leading lady, paired with a reclusive scarred virgin - oh who is a bazillionaire with a really bad father (dead by the time the story unfolds).  What could possibly go wrong or right with that lead in?  Well all you have to do is read it and find out!!

So So Shifters......

The Choosing - Annabelle Jacobs

Likable characters, decent world, but the mechanics feel short for me. 

Yes, this......


“I like writing that is restrained and invisible. I don't mean that I like things to be simple and easy to decode, the opposite. I like writers who deal with ambiguities, biased viewpoint and subjective truth; I like the writing to be clean but everything behind the writing to be complex. I like to feel that there are things going on in the spaces and behind the lines.”   SU Pacat

Daily Workout
Daily Workout

This is so true :D

There is no way, not in a million years...

Ethan in Gold - Amy Lane

you will not be able to fall in love with Ethan.  Love my double negs!!!  


The story line runs parallel to Dex in Blue as well as Chase in Shadows.  You will be better served to have read the other stories in the series, as those characters have a serious foot print in this book.  I do not usually like parallel story lines, I am more of a move forward, move on kind of reader.  But it works here as while the timeline is the same, the MCs story is not.  Amy also did a really great job integrating the timelines, so that you are not always screaming 'DAMMIT I KNOW THAT ALREADY'!  


As for Ethan and Jonah - there story is not smooth, not perfect, but again it works.  Jonah may be inexperienced in men and sex, but he is aged beyond his years with insight and understanding. And this kid, he will stop at NOTHING to get Ethan.  Ethan is the big lovable teddy bear who needs his porn family like he needs air. He has a lot to over come in this story and he does - trust and love and hugs, that is all he has ever and will ever want and need. 



Yes, yes I do.
Yes, yes I do.

Oh so often it is scary....

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So....old dog new tricks? Just not all there? Or something else?

So far my biggest issue with BL is that there are so many new bells and whistles I am starting to feel like I should be the GR old lady in the rocking chair.  I have had to have the Dummies version of all these great 'how to' tutorials, dumbed even further down for my sorry synapses.  I can live with the pretty toy that I do not use, hell I have an IPhone I do not know how to use 80% of, so this should not be new. 


But what I do not get is, why the hell can't find books?  Is it just me?  Do I really need to be put out to pasture?  For example: I finished this book.  It is at Amazon, it has been on GR for long enough for me to have it on my TBR list for a bit now, but I cannot find it here.  This seems to be happening to me a lot.  

My only Sunshine


Oh and another thing, when I see a book I want to add to my TBR from someone else's post on my Dashboard, I click on it and add it to my bookshelf, but when I go to search my bookshelf, I see that I had already added it (most likely at GR and imported it here).  Why does it not say 'hey dummy, already on your shelf'.  That is what I need!!! I have added more duplicates this week than I care to admit to.  


Is any one else having issues like this or am I really just embarrassing myself here?  Which I totally own if I am!! 

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Links to various Booklikes tutorials around the site. Thanks to all the hardworking BL members and team who contributed. This is a work in progress. More links will be added as I find them.


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